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The Secret History of Cultures

by their Symbols

by Jerry Glover


Hunters, Herders, Spinners, and Weavers



Chapter One

A Dark Art

   Earth, 500 000 - 10 000 BC

Chapter Two

The Seeds of Symbolism

Europe, 29 000 -12 000 BC


Chapter Three

The Stone Menagerie

Göbekli Tepe and southeastern Turkey, 9500 - 7500 BC


Chapter Four

The Megalakes Peoples

North Africa, 10 000 - 6500 BC


Chapter Five

The Hive on the Hill

Çatalhöyük and central Turkey, 7500 - 6500 BC


Chapter Six

Tribal Memories of the North

         Scandinavia, 7000 - 5000 BC            



Potters, Farmers, Miners, and Smelters


Chapter Seven

The Fired Earth

Turkey and the Middle East, 6600 - 4500 BC


Chapter Eight

Networks of the Goddess

Old Europe, Eastern Europe, 6500 - 4500 BC


Chapter Nine

Coded Bones and Rings

              Scandinavia and Old Europe, 5500 - 3500 BC                


Chapter Ten

The Gold Elite

                   Old Europe, Eastern Europe, 4500 - 3500 BC           


Chapter Eleven

The Teachers

Middle East, 4500- 3500 BC


Chapter Twelve

Whoops Civilization

Middle East, 3500-3100 BC

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