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jerry glover writer

About Jerry

I'm a writer, historian, journalist, critic, and broadcaster with a particular interest in history, ancient arts and crafts, anomalies, the esoteric, and unexplained mysteries. A graduate of Manchester University with a degree in Drama, I've held several real jobs including working in a Cornish pastie factory. My career started as an actor-manager with my own theatre company, thereafter as a comedian, actor, satirist, and scriptwriter. I subsequently developed and produced entertainment formats and shows for radio and television both in the U.K. and U.S.


I'm now focussed on researching and documenting enigmatic and mysterious areas of history, publishing on a variety of subjects from mysteries of the Knights Templar and William Shakespeare, to the Beatles' 'Paul Is Dead' enigma, and other esoteric and offbeat subjects, as well as some general history. My contribution to many underground and mainstream publications includes Fortean Times, All About History, The Times Literary Supplement, Resurgence, HEADPRESS, and BEYOND magazine.

In 2013 I solo-curated a photographic exhibition of medieval graffiti at St Albans Museum. This was the first exhibition of its kind ever held, and was extended for two weeks by demand. I continue to investigate medieval and historic graffiti, recording examples from as far afield as India and Cambodia. Researching this subject was the inception of the Dark Arts project to investigate symbolic art, going all the way back to its roots in prehistory.

I also enjoy travelling, collecting curious relics, creating collages, and handcrafting replicas of historic artefacts and examples of undeciphered writing. I live in "the unsung capital of Merry England", Leighton Buzzard, with my wife and daughter. And a black dog called Sadie.

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At Bandhavgarh, India in 2014
anunnaki, anunaki, ancient, aliens, meopotamia, sumer, uruk, ziggurat, sun, symbol, ubaid
dark, arts, weaving, crafts, kilims, rugs, basketry, mesolithic, prehistoric, archaeology, neolithic, europe, danube, script, vinca, varna
labyrinth, sacred, geometry, maze, mystic, spirals, petroglyph, spain, copper, bronze, age, rock, art, dark, arts
neolithic, dark, arts, petroglyph, africa, morocco, nigeria, sahara, ghana, adinkra, symbols
spirals, triple, celtic, ireland, newgrange, megalithic, stone, circles, neolithic, prehistoric, archaeology, petroglyph, rock, art
"flower of life", flower, life, hexafoil, sacred, geometry
solomons, knot, celtic, symbol, roman, sacred, geometry, mosaic, medieval, graffiti, swastika
solomons, knot, africa, symbol, sacred, geometry, medieval, graffiti, interlace
wheel, cross, celtic, copper, age, bronze, petroglyph, indo, european, chariot, megalithic
dark, arts, weaving, crafts, kilims, rugs, basketry, mesolithic, prehistoric, archaeology
dark, arts, weaving, crafts, kilims, rugs, basketry, mesolithic, prehistoric, archaeology
sacred, geometry, spirals, potter, ceramics, civilization, bronze, age, neolithic, history
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