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Articles & essays

In revisiting  a selection of published works for this website, I've taken the opportunity to revise and expand some of them. More will be added in the coming weeks and months.

The extra space means that many new images are also included, and I've tried to credit and properly link these, where appropriate.  

palmyra isis isil

In the wake of extremist assaults on historic monuments and culture in Iraq, the origins of iconoclasm in the deeper history of the region, and beyond are examined.

Atlantean Brass and other ancient metals

A year’s worth of extraordinary discoveries in the field of ancient metallurgy, and how they reflect on OOPARTS, out-of-place-artefacts.

Inventing the Middle Ages

The perfectly incredible Phantom Time hypothesis, an

academic theory to explain gaps in knowledge of the

late Dark Ages. Is it possible that an era was fabricated by royal edict?

ooparts, ancient, technology, "out of place artefacts", artifacts, anomalies
alan, moore, lost, girls, watchmen, providence, neonomicon, interview, comics, pornography
zero, point, free, energy, conspiracy, science, power, history
spontaneous, human, combustion, shc, unexplained, paranormal
Burning Issue

While anecdotal evidence for Spontaneous Human Combustion is reasonably solid, the subject is beyond

conventional science and denied. Is the disturbing truth being hushed-up?

dashwood hellfire club
knights, templar, medieval, graffiti, domme
Lost Graffiti of the Templars

Rediscovering traces of the Knights Templar and Hospitallers at a prison in the Dordogne, and at an English church and preceptory.

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